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Serenity Ketamine and Infusion Center

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Ketamine infusions for effective treatment of resistant depression.  


We Care About You!

We are a group of Nurse Anesthesiologists who provide intravenous infusions of ketamine to provide relief of depression for those who have not had success with traditional medications in the past.  You will need a reference from your Physici​an stating your failure with at least two anti-depressant medications. Ketamine is a non-traditional treatment for depression that works in a different manner.  It has been shown to be quite effective in alleviating depressive and/or suicidal feelings.  There is an init​ial treatment of six infusions, followed by maintenance infusions as you need/require.  We will work with you to formulate a treatment plan according to your needs.  Treatment is provided in a private, comfortable space.  We would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you, so please do not​ hesitate to contact us.  We care about you, and would love to help.